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A clear information regarding emerge of olive raising business-work is not available however, it may be said that it started in a region nearby the civilisations in the Mediterranean catchments area. Olive raising business/work started in the Anatolia approx. 6000 years ago. Motherland of the olive which is a member of Oleacea family (Olea europaea L.) is Upper Mesopotamia and Sout heast Front Asia covering Southeast Anatolian Region. Data evidencing that olive raising was made in Anatolia especially in Clycia plain are seen on the Hittite inscriptions. Cultural processing and agricultural improvement of the olive was performed fort he first time by the Semites. Olive which constitutes subject matter of many legends in the historical progression was mentioned in the inscriptions of old civilisations and holy boks, as well. In some chapters of old Testament, olive orchards are mentioned, and it was acknowledged olive oil is a higher reguirement for human health.

It is said thatolive tree is the first of all trees raising and being grown on the world. Under such circumstances, history of olive raising process goes to primitive ages of humanity.







Olive is the symbol of wealth, fame and peace. It was acknowledged symbol of peace throught history fort he reason that a white pigeon returned to the ship of Noah prophet accompanied by an olive btanch in its mouth as a signal of life after the torrential rains. Olive wreathes were used to give defeaters of both amicable competition and bloody wars. Head of famous persons was used to message with olive oil and people believe that wealt and prosperity derives from olive. Olive oil at the same time was used to acknowledge as an ointment and nice smelling oil.

Olive oil had an important role in the sport. Athletes were used to apply on their bodies for keeping their muscles flexible.

STORY OF Gemlik Zeytini

Gemlik olive is a fuit of hard working effort and eye-straining work. An effort was made like a never –ending process in its raising till it arrives at our table. That is the reason why Gemlik olive is the most qualified olive in the world.

  • Gemlik olive experiences many steps till it arrives at your table. Soil whish is swelling by the help of snow and rains in the winter is turned over by spade in the spring season or ploughed by tractors; its excessive and unrequired branches are cut and thereby it was prepared fort he new crop.

  • Tree blooms at the first half of June.
    An agricultural fight is made for insects on the stalk bottom within July and this assures olive fuit to remain on the tree by a strong hanging durability.

  • Irrigation process is carried out in months of July and August.
    Dripping method is generally used in irrigation. Olive starts getting oiled in the second half of September.

  • After such processes, harvest season is waited. Olive is harvested in months of November, December, January, picked one-by-one with hands and put into basket; and dark red and immature gren olivesare separated from mature black olives and then, qualified black olives are selected for same dimension and they are put into pools for maturity.

  • Olive is fermented by keeping it in pools by the inclusion there to (only) water and salt but not including any additives.
    Finally it comes to your table in its natural form.

Why Olive?

There are olein, E vitamin, hydrocarbons, linoline, polmitric and steraic acids in the ingredients of olive-oil extracted from olive fruit. Olive comprises abundant calorie and in addition it comprises such utilities not only in its oil but also in its structure.
Olive grains are highly nutritive. Its leaves and hulls cause diabeth and high tension to decrease, cause ascarises in intestines to go out. And its oil is very useful in icterus, it causes liver to operate, increases gall, stops liver pains. Do not forget that olives are digested in the intestines but not in the stomach.

Furthermore, olive-oil decreases LDL of cholesterol leading to vascular embolism and it never influence HDL designated as good cholesterol. Oleic acid existing there in by %80 ratio is very useful for assurance of babies on the breast of women to development nevre tissues. Olive oil is the healthiest oil to be used in roasting. Olive plays a protective role against ulcer and gastritis and in addition, it treats constipation. E vitamin comprised by olive and olive-oil prevents tissues from getting older and decreases its harmful effect on the brain function.

It is a natural food. It full satisfies your need of food. It is a natural food. It full satisfies your need of food, it is delicious and a traditional supplementing food.

It is nutritive; protein, vitamin and antioxidants it covered proves olive is a medication for a number of health troubles. It is the raw material of healties oil in the world. It is fruitful.


It is at disposal of people from primary centuries with its oil, light, soap and bagasse. It is a way of culture and life.


Why Gemlik Olive?


  • Gemlik olive has a characteristic structure and taste which is not found and raised in another place of the world.

  • Geographic structure, climate, nature of raising and a number of factors give it characteristic features and a unique odour. This feature was proved by granting it with Geographic Registration Mark.

  • It is the most qualified olive in the world.

  • It is the original but not those designated as type, variety or simulation thereof.

  • It is the most famous one in many olive varieties rising in our country.

  • It has a natural black colour, it gets darkened in its branch and no picking may be made unless it fully gets dark. It arrives at your table by the use of no additives.

  • It is grown based on an effort looking-like never ending effort and care through a year.

  • It is picked one-by-one with hands.

  • It has a small seed, has a thin hull and is fleshy.

  • It is very much delicious and durable.

  • It is fermented by the use of only water and salt (nothing else).

  • May be stored for many months in its package. It has a long life of storage.


Note that all of corporations effecting olive production and marketing are making production process in compliance with food codex.


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